About Us

              Linda Busch Private Collection

"Quality Women's Accessories Designed and Engineered for Life".


Linda Busch Private Collection was established in 2007 with the sole purpose of incorporating seamless design, color and functionality. Growing up in Michigan, Linda was constantly in the motion of creating. Linda was born in Detroit, Michigan to parents who were very ambitious and creative. Her father was a master cabinet maker, and her mother owned and operated a monogram shop in the heart of the downtown Detroit's shirt district. As she was growing up she was exposed to many levels of technical skills and design aspects that were later to become a major influence in her life as well as contributing to her love of fashion.

  Linda was first exposed to the industry as a fifth grader, when she made a little cloth handbag that was completely reversible.  Soon after her bag debut came her first rush of orders. By her senior year in high school she was designing and constructing most of her own clothing as well as wedding dresses for friends and family. Later, she attended 4 1/2 years of Private Tutoring for Flat Pattern and Technical Drafting, learning all important skills for pattern making. During that time, Linda was able to officially start her custom design clothing business. As a custom designer she designed and developed complete looks for her clients. Her "design to construction process" began with drafting a sloper, fittings, pattern making, fabric selections, and garment construction, all ending with a finished, fashionable, and fully functional outfit. This was the necessary experience to help her become very developed in creative design on several levels.

The Linda Busch Private Collection is a company built on a lifetime of an innate sense of creating.  Linda finds it to be a natural process, coupling quality material with her fine tuned method of designing with unique functionality. The "Collection" really all began as accessories she wanted for herself, so she made for herself, and eventually other people liked and asked about these creations and...Thus, Linda is proud to deliver a colorful collection of handbags, totes and silk scarves that a woman of any age can use to accessorize her own personal style.